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A Holistic Approach To The Natural Health Laws

Health Lifestyle Change offers a range of health consulting services, health seminars, Lifestyle journeys and workshops in alignment with the Natural Health Laws. We follow a holistic approach that focuses on the whole person. All of us can nourish ourselves and reach a more whole body, mind and spiritual state of wellness through a holistic approach to health.


We offer a more comprehensive consultation which may take up to one hour depending on each individual case. It covers more than just medical issues. It is designed to give insight into your current health and wellness state, with advice and support from our health and Wellness coach.

Find out about our 7, 10, 21 Day stay in tissue cleansing and detox programs.


Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutrition science in the promotion of health, peak performance and individual care. We use a wide range of tools to assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances and understand how these may contribute to an individual’s symptoms and health concerns. This approach allows us to work with individuals to address possible nutritional imbalances and effective dietary changes for optimal health.


Our team is fully dedicated to giving you valuable information about the relief from all manner of physical and mental ailments. Whether you require knowledge about relief from injuries or discomfort from lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, weight management, cancer or maybe you just need some emotional/psychological support, Health Lifestyle Change is fully equipped to hold health seminars and health talks.

Detox Programs

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“If you have health, you probably will be happy, and if you have health and happiness, you have all the wealth you need, even if it is not all you want. “
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“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.”
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